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DRAFTS: At the end of each season, the rookie draft will be held.

ROOKIE DRAFT: The rookie draft will consist of 2 rounds. The Draft order will be decided by the final standings of that season with a lottery held for the non-playoff teams in which the team with the worst record having the best chance of receiving the first pick. The second round of the draft will be decided by the win-loss records of the previous season.

ROSTERS & LINEUPS: Rosters consist of 14 players. Each team must have exactly 14 players during the regular season. Line ups must be received by 6:00 a.m. eastern standard time to be applied towards that days games. (Actually, I may check e-mail prior to playing the games. But, to be sure that your line up is in effect, make sure that I receive it by 6:00 am eastern time.) Line ups consist of each players offensive, defensive, and rebounding intensity, minutes, and priorities for each position. Also, team priority settings and blow out numbers may be included each time. Lineups will carry over from game to game until a new line up is received. To submit your line up, copy and paste your default Roster and save as a .txt file. Then, make any changes that you wish and attach this file to an e-mail to me.  For help with making your lineups, check out the Coaches Section and Lineup Help Section

TRADES: Trades do not have to be a one for one deal. Any number of players or teams may be involved and draft picks for up to five seasons in advance may also be included provided neither team exceeds the Salary Cap. No team may make a trade that prevents that team from having a first round pick in consecutive seasons. Cash may be included in trades but there is a maximum of $3 million in any particular trade and must be either in the current season or in the next season. A team may recieve no more than $3 million a season from other teams via trades. Teams may pay out more than $3million in a season but this should only be done after careful consideration. While money may be included in a trade it may not be the only component in the trade on any teams part. All teams involved in a trade mustinclude either a player or a draft pick. Each team will be limited to 10 trades per season. All trades are to be sent to the Trade Committee for approval. Once they are approvaed the Trade Committe will then forward the approved trade to the Commissioner for processing.

PLAY-OFFS: The top 8 teams from each conference will make the play-offs. The division winners will automatically be seeded one and two. All seeding will be decided by the following criteria:

1) Over all record
2) Head to head record
3) Conference record
4) Average margin of victory (average points scored minus average points allowed)

The first series of the play-offs will be a 5 game series. All others will be 7 games.

Bodily Fatigue: In addition to regular injuries players bodies tend to wear down when they are playing extended minutes. For this reason there is an increased chance of a player being injured if he is averaging more than 40 minutes a game (43 during the play-offs). This likelihood of injury is furture compounded when the player is 31 years old or older.

Relocating Teams: Teams are allowed to be relocated however there are limitations. An owner may not try to relocate a team until the off-season after their first full season as an owner. Further, only one team may relocate in any off season. Also, no team may be relocated within five years of their last move.