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The Trade Committee must approve all trades. Trades are first to be sent to the Trade Committee then apon their aproval trades will be forwarded to the league commissioner to be processed. The Trade Committe is made up of 5 members. For a trade to be processed it must receive approval from at least three of those members. The purpose of the Trade Committee is to protect the integrity of the league and to protect new owners who are still learning the ropes inthe WBA.

The purpose of the committee is to protect owners (especially new owners) from making grossly one-sided trades. It is not the role of the committee to make sure that all trades are even. If the committee is against a trade they should contact the owners involved and find out their reasoning for the trade and so long as the reasoning is sound and the owner understands the risks and consequences the trade should be approved. The exception to this is committee believes the two owners are cooperating together in a way that would jeopardize the integrity of the league. A second purpose for the committee is to make sure that no rules are being violated by the trade (salary cap, trading consecutive first round picks etc.).

Marc Hameleers- Chair
Michael Esposito
Pedro Alcaraz Sanchez
Gustavo Follana
Sam Plummer