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November 14, 2006

Coastal Carolina University Threatens to Seek Damages from a Fictional Basketball League
By Ron Chambers

Coastal Carolina University (CCU not to be confused with the much respected fictional Chaco Canyon University) seems to be involved in a gestapian campaign to protect their team logo. They, according to Edgar Dyer Vice President for University Relations & University Counsel, regularly search the internet to purge it of their logo. According to league commissioner Rondall Reynoso, "The WBA has no problem with CCU trying to enforce their copyright. After all, they are a little known regional university which desperately needs to build a reputation. What the WBA offices object to is the combative and provocative nature of their contact. The WBA operates under the principle of common courtesy. CCU, however, chose to try and act as an intimidator."

 We at GSPN do notice a clear connection between the two logos. And despite the obvious aesthetic improvements made by the originator of the Fighting Cocks logo, it does seem to be a derivative of the Chanticleers logo. (For those who do not know what a Chanticleer is: it is 14th century Middle English word for rooster, derived from the earlier Old French word Chantecler. We at GSPN have no idea why the university chose to use an archaic word for their mascot name other than the sad trend for lower tier institutions to use pedantry to try and gain respect.)

The WBA's position is well stated in the following excerpts from a letter sent by the league commissioner to CCU:

"My objection is to the threatening posture taken by the university on this issue. The same result could have been amicably achieved without invoking strong-arm tactics in the university's first contact. The willful restructuring of my statements seems to further illustrate the hitlerian approach which the university has chosen to adopt.
For those on this e-mail who were not privy to our phone conversation (between Commissioner Reynoso and Mr. Dyer), let me explain the situation a little more clearly. The World Basketball Association, commonly referred to as the WBA, is a fictional basketball league which operates without financial interest. The logos used by the teams are designed on a volunteer basis by members of the WBA. The league at no time was aware that the Fighting Cock logo was allegedly modified from the CCU logo. My statement about the "risk-reward" relationship in my phone conversation with Mr. Dyer was not, as he implies, in reference to the league desiring to continue using the logo. It was, in fact, stated in reference to the university's overly aggressive first contact. I was merely pointing out that due to the limited legal remedies and the virtual lack of acquirable damages the university's aggressive stance seems disproportionate. This, obviously, is a very different context than that in which Mr. Dyer recast the statement.
It is not my intent to imply that that the university does not have the right to protect their logo. The university certainly does have this right. My simple point is that as a matter of policy it is potentially far less onerous to the university, for it to approach others with an attitude of common courtesy rather than as the intimidator."

This subject has produced a great deal of entertainment for us at GSPN. We have seen how historically Commissioner Reynoso has not responded favorably to the "strong-arm tactics" of other entities. We believe he is correct about the bizarre inflated sense of importance which CCU has attached to this issue. Equally entertaining for we journalists who cover the WBA has been the response by WBA fans who have begun to send parody logo's to GSPN as a protest of the extreme position taken by Coastal Carolina University.

Some examples follow:


Interestingly, Dr. Dyer's concern for lawfulness seems to end with the the laws effect on CCU. He is reported to have urged the league, and by proxy the Fighting Cocks, to simply use "someone else's chicken." (No that "Dr." doesn't mean Dyer has a terminal research degree- he is a lawyer with a degree from a second tier regional law school. Few lawyers opt to be called Doctor sense their "doctoral" degree is actually the lowest level of professional degree granted in law rather than being the highest level research degree granted as is the case with academic doctorates.)  

October 16, 2006

GCBA Teams revoke Scholarships.

Mountian State revokes the scholarship for shooting guard Mike Harris.

Mi-Atlantic revokes the scholarship for shooting guard Mario Davis.

October 13, 2006

Strategy on the world of GCBA.
By Clark Lane

First things first, you are the coach of a GCBA team.
One very important thing that separates GCBA and WBA are mistakes. In the WBA you can easily destroy your team for many seasons to come thru bad cap management, bad trades and so on. On the GCBA half is recruiting and half is coaching. If you don't know how to evaluate talent on the GCBA you will have a very hard time and it will show. But a mistake one year is not too important, use it to learn and go forward.

Recruiting is quite hard, and I am not going to try to teach you how to do it, but remember, a player that fits perfectly your needs can be better than the most sought after recruit. The difficult part is to see the talent where other people don't. As an example I am going to show you something:

Paul Spagnoli - #5th pick overall season 9
     Al Herbert - #4th pick overall season 10
     Alexej Peska - #3rd pick overall season 12

They may not be the best players, but they were all playing at Paris University in the GCBA. They were playing the three at the same time for me during season 8 (47-3 record) and none of them were top recruits, good yes, but not the best. I didn't choose them because they were the best players, but because I knew what they would turn into with a little bit of training.

One of the first things to do is to think what the player can bring in two seasons, not now. If you need a freshman to put big minutes, you will never be able to compete, if you need him to backup, that is good, you can get some quality minutes out of them, but not enough to start for you against top opposition. Why I asked what can he bring in two seasons? You player should be ready to start for you and be great at JR, not a SR. If you bet everything in 1 great season you risk a lot, loosing 1 game is very easy, and you can find yourself out… and then you have to wait four years more… You should try to have a balanced team, always good. Many people thinks that that means you will never have a real chance to win it all, but if you look at every stat, and you plan it carefully, it will mean that every season you will have a chance to win it all.

One team that follows this approach is Midwest State. Maybe he has no title yet, but he is always up there and he could have won several titles by now if he hadn't lost several finals. Unlucky for him, his team seems to match badly against Paris, at least in the finals. And Paris is a team that follows the same tactic, always trying to be good.

Remember when I said that your player should be ready to start at JR? I hope you do, but what do I mean by that? It means a player that can hold his own against anyone, a player that will be solid and regular. I don't like flashy players that one match do great, but next throw 2 in of 20 shots. I like regular steady guys. I like to control every stat, so I get the max. And the team has to balance itself. I do not like one-dimensional players. I like players that can do several things. This will allow you to be good even without having that superstar, because all of your players will add to the team. And remember, this is a team sport, as much as people like to think of their superstars, you need a full team to win. Any player on your team that has a big weakness is a weakness for all your team…

So, trying to resume my thoughts:
     Get the player you need, not the best player… sometimes a carefully thought recruiting can get you some hidden gems that some people does not even try to recruit, or only lightly.
     If you are at the bottom, avoid the top recruits, they sink to many points, try to get good players, but slightly less recruited. You can build a great team without the need of the top player in the league.
     Players should be fully developed for their JR year. You should get at least 2 full starter seasons from your recruits. This will give you some slacking cord for mistakes at recruiting and injuries.
     Multidimensional players are the best, one-dimensional players (like a great scorer, but nothing else) will get you in trouble.
     Recruit players that fit your coaching style. I like players that do certain things, and I go and get them. To get a player you don't know how to coach is very risky.
     Learn how to coach, the standard coaching is very bad, you can win a lot by coaching yourself.
     Sometimes the best recruits are not the best players. Are the ones that will help you as much but other people will not spot. This will allow you to have quite a lot of points left and go for the bonus. Maybe stealing a player, or making a player very expensive.
     Always put a little bit of recruiting points on backups. Just to be sure to get something nice out of recruiting.

I hope you get what I want to say. Everything is obvious… but….
Just in case you don't know me I am the owner of Paris on the GCBA.
My curriculum is:

7 straight final fours in the GCBA.
5 finals in the GCBA.
4 GCBA titles.
The best record ever on the GCBA 47-3.
The most victories on a row GCBA 41.

All of this just to give a little bit of weight to what I have said. But remember, even with the best team you will need a little bit of luck to win!!

Good luck!!

October 12, 2006

GCBA Teams revoke Scholarships.

Harlem University has announced that they are revoking the scholarship of shooting guard Rashad Hanavan.

Appleby has revoked the scholarship of Small Forward D.J. Morin.

Philly State revokes the scholarship of Power Forward Lee Prescott.

October 7, 2006

GCBA Recruiting Points

Westside            56
Midwest St          56
Scottsdale          61
Cancun              63
Chaco Canyon        59
Gainsville          59
Portland            48
Williams            66
Harlem              61
Appleby             57
Mid-Atlantic        55
Port Chester        51
Devi State          52
Philadelphia        50
Great Plains        65
Chesapeake          59
Gatlinburgh         60
Waco                54
Jersey              51
Ithaca State        52
Greenbriar          49
Siberia             60
Langepas            58
Paris               60
West River          55
Kaserslatern        60
Canada Coll         47
Amsterdam           44
Mountain St         63
Beijing             63
Heavenly            59
Puerto Rico         52
Buenos Aires        53
Lake Crystal        49
Sahara              50

October 5, 2006

GCBA Freshman Prospects

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Curtis Grady     1----   C-   E+   C+/ C   C / B-  B / B-  E-  B+  D+  D-  D-  C-  A   C+  D-     0.0062   0.0096
**  Kelley Malone    1----   B+   C-   D+/ D-  C-/ A-  B / B-  C-  A-  D   D-  B   C+  A   B-  C+     0.0085   0.0322
**  David Simmons    1----   D+   D    C-/ C-  C-/ C-  C-/ C   E   A-  D-  B-  E+  A   D   B-  D     -0.0030   0.0275
**  Nick Gittens     1----   C+   C+   C / C+  C+/ D+  C-/ D+  E+  B+  E   C+  E+  B+  D   B-  B-     0.0022   0.0134
**  Calvin Wallace   1----   D+   C+   D-/ C+  C / B   C-/ D+  E   A-  E-  D+  E+  D+  A   C+  C      0.0079   0.0024
**  Simon Seegars    1----   E    C-   E-/ D   D-/ D-  D / D+  F   A   D-  C-  D   B   E   C-  E     -0.0017   0.0100
**  LaMarque Babul   1----   C+   C-   C / C   B-/ C-  C+/ B+  E+  C+  D   E   E+  C   B   D+  D+     0.0009   0.0296
**  Marco Hargrove   1----   C+   E+   C / B   D-/ C+  D / C   C-  A+  D+  E-  D-  D+  E   A-  D+     0.0138   0.0237
**  Jeremy Street    1----   D+   E+   E / B-  D / C   C / D+  C-  B   D   C-  C   C   C   C+  E+     0.0056   0.0151
**  Chris Teat       1----   D-   B-   E-/ C+  E+/ D+  E+/ D+  D+  A   E+  C   D   D   D   B-  C-     0.0198   0.0271
**  Jamal Gardiner   1----   B    B-   D+/ B   C+/ C-  B+/ D+  D   A-  E-  C+  C-  D+  D   B   B      0.0026   0.0134
**  Chris Thompson   1----   C-   B    C / D   C / D+  D+/ B+  D-  C+  E-  C   D   A-  E   D-  C-     0.0066   0.0041
**  Derek Camby      1----   C+   E    E / D+  C-/ C+  C / D+  E   A-  F   B   D-  A   A   C+  E+     0.0003  -0.0091
**  Lance Worley     1----   A-   E    C / D   B / B+  E+/ A-  E+  A+  F   C+  B-  D   D   B   D-    -0.0014   0.0041
**  Bevon Broussard  1----   D+   B    D / B   C / D+  D+/ C+  E-  A-  D-  D+  C-  A-  F   B-  C+     0.0102  -0.0074
**  Kejuan Dupree    1----   C    D    C / D-  D / B-  B-/ A   D+  C   D-  B-  D   B-  F   E+  E+     0.0039   0.0087
**  Steve Mydra      1----   C+   D    E-/ D   E+/ D   C+/ D+  E   C+  E-  C-  E+  C   C   F   E-     0.0052   0.0220
**  Dennis Lee       1----   C+   E-   E+/ C-  C-/ D-  B / C-  D   A+  D   E   B-  D   D   B-  E      0.0224   0.0305
**  Camara Nelson    1----   C+   D+   D-/ D+  D+/ B   A-/ C   C-  B+  D+  B   C-  B   E   B-  C-     0.0188   0.0288
**  Jason Rozier     1----   B-   B-   D+/ C+  D+/ C   B / B-  C-  C+  D-  D+  E+  B   D   C+  B-     0.0185  -0.0053
**  Michael Caldwell 1----   E+   E    C-/ C-  D+/ C   D-/ C   E   A   E-  D   E+  A   D   C+  F      0.0228  -0.0036
**  Andre Mintz      1----   B+   D    C+/ B-  B+/ D+  B-/ D+  D+  A   D-  D+  C-  A   E   A   C+     0.0042   0.0156
**  Michael Green    1----   C+   E-   E+/ D-  D+/ B   D-/ C   D   C   F   D+  D+  B+  A   E-  F      0.0178   0.0032
**  Rod Karcher      1----   C    C+   C+/ C-  C-/ D   D / C   C-  B-  E-  E+  C   D+  E   C-  C-     0.0181  -0.0036
**  Craig Williams   1----   D    C+   D+/ D   C+/ A-  D / C   E-  B-  D-  B   B-  D   E   D   D     -0.0074   0.0309
**  Vic Hawking      1----   E    C+   E+/ C-  D-/ A-  D / C   C-  B   E   B   C-  B   E   C+  D      0.0161   0.0070
**  Deon Smith       1----   B+   B-   D / C   E+/ C   B / B-  D+  A   D   C-  D+  B-  C   B   B     -0.0083   0.0292
**  Michael Arnold   1----   C+   D+   E / B-  D+/ C   E / B-  E-  B-  F   D-  C   B   A   E   D-     0.0029   0.0168
**  Jason Jones      1----   B+   B-   C+/ D   D+/ C   E / B   D-  B   D-  B-  D-  D+  F   C-  C+    -0.0014   0.0032
**  Chad Thorne      1----   C+   B    E-/ D   E+/ E+  E / D   D-  C   D   C-  D   B+  D   F   D+     0.0089  -0.0028
**  Jason Guthridge  1----   C-   E-   C / B-  B / D   B / D+  E+  B+  E   C-  C   D   D   B-  E-     0.0161   0.0275
**  Derricus Largent 1----   D    B-   C-/ C-  E+/ D   E+/ A   D-  B+  D   B   C+  B-  E   C+  C     -0.0034   0.0228
**  Theodor Drechsler1----   A-   D    C / C+  C / E+  B-/ D   F   B-  D   B   C-  B+  D   C-  D+     0.0228   0.0024
**  Pete Hansen      1----   C    C+   E-/ D+  D-/ B-  C / C-  E+  B   D-  B-  C+  C+  F   D   C-    -0.0080   0.0062
**  Lonnie Faulkner  1----   C-   B-   D / D   D-/ C-  C-/ B-  E-  C   E   D   D+  A   E   F   D-     0.0085  -0.0040
**  Dean Richardson  1----   C+   C+   D / D+  C-/ B-  C-/ B-  C-  B-  E-  C   E+  A   C   C   C+     0.0195   0.0139
**  Donte Walton     1----   B+   C    E-/ D+  E+/ A-  C-/ B-  D+  B-  E   E+  C-  B-  F   D-  D+     0.0019   0.0036
**  Nick Howell      1----   C-   D+   C-/ C-  D-/ D-  A / A-  E-  B-  D   D-  C+  B-  D   E   E+    -0.0024   0.0015
**  Bobby Gervin     1----   C+   D-   E+/ B   C-/ C   C+/ C-  C-  B+  E-  C+  D-  C+  D   B-  D+     0.0188  -0.0019
**  Andre Adams      1----   A-   E-   D+/ C-  C+/ D-  C-/ D   D-  B+  E-  C   E+  C+  D   C+  E-     0.0102   0.0117
**  Marlon Williams  1----   C    B-   C-/ B-  B-/ B+  C+/ C-  E-  B+  E   D-  E+  B   B   C+  C+     0.0178   0.0070
**  Marcus Tanner    1----   B-   B-   C+/ C   C-/ C   B / B-  D   B   E   E   C-  B-  D   C+  B-     0.0079  -0.0019

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Charlie Darting  12---   C+   B-   B-/ D   B-/ B-  C / C   E+  B-  E-  D   D+  C-  D   C-  C      0.0115   0.0279

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Brandt Sykes     -2---   C+   E-   D+/ D+  E+/ A-  C-/ C   D-  E+  E   B-  D-  E+  D   F   F     -0.0074   0.0083
**  Ryan Wainwright  -2---   C-   D    E+/ C   C-/ C-  B / B-  D   B-  C-  D+  E   D-  A   C-  D      0.0228  -0.0083
**  Will Haywood     -2---   B-   C-   B-/ C   E+/ B+  E+/ D+  E   C   E-  C+  B   B-  E   D   D      0.0185   0.0194
**  Todd Jaacks      -2---   C+   E-   C / D-  B / C-  B+/ D+  E+  C+  D   C   B-  B-  A   D   E-     0.0029   0.0215
**  Joe Johnson      -2---   C+   C    C / D-  B / A-  C+/ A   D   E+  C-  D+  D+  D+  F   E   D     -0.0054   0.0313
**  Matt Brown       -2---   D+   E    C-/ C   C / D   D+/ C+  D   B-  D+  E+  B   D-  B   C-  E-     0.0161   0.0241
**  David White      -2---   C    D    B-/ C   B / C-  C-/ A   E   E   E   C-  C   B   E   E   E+     0.0171  -0.0070
**  Edem Sheppard    -2---   D+   B-   B-/ B+  C-/ B   A-/ C   E   E   C-  B-  C-  B+  F   D+  C-    -0.0004  -0.0091
**  Germaine Walker  -2---   C    C+   D-/ B-  C / B   B / C-  E-  D+  D+  B   C+  D   F   E   D      0.0099   0.0266
**  Mark Nathaniel   -2---   C+   D+   D-/ C+  C / C+  B / C-  E-  B-  D   B-  D-  D   D   D+  D      0.0072   0.0237
**  Colin Lloyd      -2---   C-   D-   D-/ B+  C / B+  C+/ D+  F   E   D-  E+  D   D+  A   F   E-     0.0042  -0.0079
**  Tyrone Perry     -2---   C+   B-   D+/ B-  C+/ A-  B / B-  E-  E+  D   E   D+  B-  F   E   D+     0.0049   0.0211
**  JoVann Wolfe     -2---   C    E-   B-/ B   C+/ B+  C+/ D-  D   E   F   D   B-  D+  D   D+  F      0.0128   0.0317
**  Brian Wilkerson  -2---   B-   C-   B-/ C-  B+/ B   E+/ A   D-  C-  D+  D+  C+  C-  E   C-  C-     0.0115   0.0283
**  Ryan Thomas      -2---   B-   E+   C / C-  B+/ B-  B / C-  F   C   D   C   C-  C-  A   D   E     -0.0097   0.0011
**  Terrell Tann     -2---   C-   D-   E+/ C+  C-/ B-  B / B-  E+  B-  E+  D-  C   D-  D   D   E     -0.0093   0.0173
**  Clark Williams   -2---   A-   D+   D / B   C / B-  B / C-  D   B-  F   B-  B   B   C   B-  C-     0.0201   0.0292
**  Germayne Griffith-2---   C-   E+   C+/ D+  C+/ A-  E / B-  F   C+  D+  C-  D-  C-  E   D-  E-    -0.0001   0.0211
**  Dereck Emery     -2---   B-   C-   C / B-  C / C-  B / C-  E-  B-  E-  D+  B-  D-  E   D   D+     0.0019   0.0279
**  Senecca Collier  -2---   B+   E    C+/ B-  C+/ A-  E / D   E+  E   E+  C-  E   B-  E   D   E     -0.0054  -0.0040
**  Shawn Punt       -2---   B-   C    E+/ D-  E / C+  C / C-  D   B-  D+  B-  B-  D-  D   D   C-     0.0148   0.0100
**  Arnim Theiss     -2---   C+   E    D / B   C / C   C-/ B-  E+  E-  E   B-  B-  C   D   F   F      0.0092   0.0104
**  Bryan Ivener     -2---   B-   D+   D-/ B   C / D   D-/ C-  D+  C+  E   E+  D-  D   D   D+  D+     0.0042   0.0211
**  Imari Morris     -2---   B-   C+   B-/ D-  C / B-  B / B-  D-  C+  E   D-  C   B-  F   E   D+     0.0013   0.0011
**  Tanner Watkins   -2---   D+   C    D / C-  C-/ D+  A / A-  E   E   D   C+  C   E+  E   F   E      0.0019   0.0045
**  Jason Harris     -2---   A-   B-   C / B-  E+/ C+  C-/ A-  F   C   D+  C+  D+  D+  E   E+  C      0.0171   0.0185
**  Brandon Hughes   -2---   C    E    B-/ D   B+/ C   C+/ D+  D   B-  D+  C   C   B   B   C+  E+     0.0181   0.0104
**  Will Brown       -2---   C-   C+   D+/ C   C+/ A-  B+/ C-  E-  B-  D-  E   D+  D-  C   C-  C-    -0.0044   0.0139
**  DeWy Groves      -2---   C+   C+   D / B+  C / C-  C+/ C-  D+  C   E-  C   C+  B-  F   C-  C      0.0072   0.0228
**  T.J. Stuart      -2---   D+   E    C / B+  D+/ A-  C+/ B-  E+  B   E   C+  B-  B+  D   B   E      0.0075   0.0249
**  Eric King        -2---   A-   C+   B-/ B+  B-/ C+  C / C   D-  E   D+  E   D+  E+  F   D+  C-     0.0109   0.0096
**  Brad Cyrus       -2---   B-   C+   B-/ D   D-/ B   B+/ D+  E+  E-  D   D-  D-  D-  F   F   E+     0.0211   0.0134
**  Adrian Drechsler -2---   C+   C+   D+/ B-  C+/ C-  B+/ D+  E-  E-  C-  D   C   B+  F   F   D      0.0158   0.0211
**  Jeremy Mills     -2---   C+   C-   D / C-  D+/ D   B+/ D+  E   C   E   E   B-  E+  E   F   E      0.0148   0.0262
**  Tyrone Jordan    -2---   B    E    B-/ B   C-/ B-  B+/ D+  E   E-  D+  E+  D+  E+  D   E-  F      0.0042   0.0279
**  Darryl Whitehead -2---   C+   C    D+/ B-  E / B   A-/ A   D   B   E-  E+  D   D   E   C-  C-     0.0079   0.0190
**  Brandt Sykes     -2---   C+   E-   D+/ D+  E+/ A-  B+/ D+  D-  E+  E   B-  D-  E+  D   F   F     -0.0074   0.0083

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Jacobs Marquardt -23--   C+   D    C / C   B / C-  A / A-  E+  B-  C-  D+  E+  B+  F   B-  D+     0.0102   0.0249

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Brett Evans      --3--   B    C+   C / B+  B / D+  B+/ C-  D-  C+  D   D   D-  B-  F   C+  C+     0.0115   0.0126
**  Blazej Rokas     --3--   A-   D    C+/ B+  C / C-  C+/ C-  D   C+  D   D-  C+  D   E   C+  D+     0.0099   0.0045
**  Chris Brown      --3--   C    C    B-/ E+  C+/ B+  D / D+  D-  E   C-  E+  E+  C+  F   F   D-     0.0069   0.0096
**  Wesley Davis     --3--   B-   D+   C-/ D-  C / C     /     C   E   D+  E+  B-  D+  E   F   D-     0.0026   0.0087
**  Eryon Perry      --3--   B+   C    E+/ D+  D+/ B-  B / B-  C   E-  D   C+  B-  E   D   E   D      0.0171   0.0019
**  Brian Wateman    --3--   B    E    D / B   C+/ C-  E+/ D+  E+  C+  C+  C-  C   C+  A   C-  E+     0.0032   0.0258
**  Brent Smith      --3--   E    D-   C+/ B+  D / C   C-/ C   C-  E   C-  D   D   D   B   D+  F     -0.0024   0.0058
**  Bobby Grays      --3--   A-   B-   C / D+  C / A-  B+/ C   B   B-  D+  D-  D+  D   F   B   B      0.0085   0.0113
**  Willie Morgan    --3--   B-   D    D-/ B   C / C+  D+/ D-  B   D+  D   C+  E+  C+  D   C+  D+     0.0228   0.0207
**  Terry McKinley   --3--   C+   E    C-/ C   B-/ B+  C-/ D+  B   D-  C+  C+  D   D   D   B-  E+     0.0138  -0.0011
**  Joe Woolfolk     --3--   C-   E    D / B-  C / A-  C-/ D+  E+  C   D-  B-  C-  E+  B   D   E-     0.0145   0.0220
**  Courtney Johnson --3--   C    D    D-/ B-  D+/ B-  C+/ A   C+  C+  C   C+  E+  D+  F   C+  D+     0.0046   0.0036
**  Bo Maddox        --3--   C-   C    D / C   E / D+  C-/ C+  B   C+  D-  D+  C+  D+  D   C+  C-     0.0099  -0.0079
**  Kashien Soward   --3--   C    C-   D+/ D-  D+/ B+  D+/ B+  B   E+  D-  C+  C+  B+  E   D+  D     -0.0087  -0.0087
**  Scott Adams      --3--   C    D    D / D+  C+/ D+  B+/ B   C-  E+  C   D-  C   B   D   D   D      0.0009   0.0220
**  Rick Price       --3--   C    D+   D+/ B+  D+/ D   C+/ A   C-  E   D   D-  C+  B-  D   D   D     -0.0040  -0.0091
**  Travis Reed      --3--   C-   E    C+/ D   B / A-  D-/ B   C+  D   C   E-  E+  B   D   C+  E      0.0039  -0.0023
**  Brad Anyan       --3--   C    D    D / C-  C / D+  D+/ C-  B-  C   C-  C+  D   E+  F   C   D     -0.0007   0.0122
**  Yermolay Timofeev--3--   D-   E+   C-/ D   C-/ C+  B+/ D+  C   C+  C   E-  D-  D-  D   C-  E-    -0.0090   0.0275
**  Clement Wise     --3--   C-   C+   B-/ B   B-/ B   A-/ C   C   C   C   D+  D   E+  F   B+  C+     0.0095   0.0147
**  Marlo Fishback   --3--   C    C+   C / C-  C-/ C+  B / B-  C-  D   C   E-  D   B   D   D   C-     0.0228   0.0215
**  Johann Feierabend--3--   A-   E    C+/ D+  D / C-  B-/ A   B   C-  D   C   D   D+  E   C+  D-     0.0112   0.0232
**  Sam Sanchez      --3--   C    E    B-/ C+  D / B   C+/ D-  C   C+  E+  D-  B   C-  A   C+  E+     0.0221   0.0109
**  Alex Davali      --3--   C    B-   C+/ D   B / B-  B / C-  B-  D+  C-  C-  B-  C+  A   C+  C+     0.0148  -0.0070
**  Aaron Alexander  --3--   A-   D    D / B-  C / B+  B-/ C   C+  C+  D   C+  C-  B+  F   B   C      0.0185  -0.0045
**  Bo Goree         --3--   C    C+   B-/ D   B+/ C-  B-/ C   E+  C+  C+  E   C   B   E   D   C-     0.0079   0.0185
**  Charlie Bradford --3--   C    E    E+/ D-  C-/ D   B / C-  C+  C   C+  C   B   C+  D   D+  E-     0.0205   0.0117
**  Jarvis Bender    --3--   C    C    D-/ B-  C / A-  D+/ C+  C-  C+  C+  E   B-  B   A   C+  C     -0.0054  -0.0079
**  Mike Reeves      --3--   C+   B-   C-/ C   E+/ B+  B+/ A-  C+  D+  D+  D-  C-  B-  B   C+  C+     0.0059   0.0036
**  Benjamin Myer    --3--   B    C    C+/ C-  C / A-  B+/ A-  C+  E+  C-  B-  D-  D+  F   C+  C      0.0208   0.0062
**  Brian Delea      --3--   C    D    B-/ B-  E / D   D / A   C-  E-  C+  D-  C-  B+  B   D   D      0.0079   0.0092
**  Ted Ross         --3--   C+   D+   C+/ B+  C / A-  D-/ C   C+  C   E+  E   B   B-  E   B-  C     -0.0097   0.0309
**  Jay Rivera       --3--   C    B-   C / C+  D-/ D+  C-/ B-  B   D-  C-  C   E+  C-  D   C+  C+    -0.0080   0.0143
**  Josh Phillips    --3--   C+   C+   C / B   B+/ C+  D-/ C   D   D+  C   C   C   D+  E   C+  C+     0.0085   0.0130
**  Geordie Forney   --3--   C+   E    D-/ B+  C / C   B / D   D+  D-  C-  E-  C-  D   D   D   E-    -0.0047   0.0207
**  Robert Campbell  --3--   C-   E    D / B+  C / A-  C / C-  B-  B-  E+  C-  B-  B   D   B   E+     0.0115   0.0041
**  Steve Cravens    --3--   B    E-   B-/ B+  B-/ D+  C-/ B-  D+  D-  E+  D-  D-  B   C   C   E-     0.0181   0.0190
**  Peter Spears     --3--   B    C-   E+/ D   D / A-  C+/ C   E+  C   D   E+  D+  C   E   E-  D      0.0191   0.0002
**  Jerry Head       --3--   C-   B-   C / B-  B / B   C+/ C   B-  E+  C+  D   D   C   D   C+  C+     0.0026   0.0024
**  Joe Hartfield    --3--   C    D    C+/ D+  B+/ A-  C+/ C   B-  C+  E+  D   C+  B+  B   B   D+     0.0036  -0.0023
**  Marcus Mason     --3--   B    B    C+/ D-  B+/ A-  A / A-  C-  E+  D   E   D+  B-  F   D   C+     0.0089   0.0096
**  Marquis Dubbs    --3--   A-   C-   D+/ B+  C+/ C-  A / A-  C   D+  D   E   B-  C+  E   C   C-    -0.0007  -0.0002
**  Brian Boswell    --3--   C    C-   E+/ C   C-/ C   B+/ C+  D+  D+  C+  D+  D-  D+  F   D+  D      0.0056   0.0096
**  Khalid Killion   --3--   C    E+   B-/ B+  C+/ C-  A-/ D   D   D-  C   C   D-  E+  A   C+  D-     0.0208  -0.0079
**  Scotty Dye       --3--   C-   C+   C / D   C-/ C   C-/ A-  E+  C+  E+  D   C-  C-  E   E+  D      0.0208   0.0139
**  Lamont Joyner    --3--   C    E    E+/ B   E-/ C-  B / B-  C   B-  E+  E   C-  E+  D   C-  E-     0.0075   0.0092
**  Matt Jennings    --3--   C    D+   C+/ B+  B / B   A-/ A   B-  B-  D-  D-  B-  D-  C   A   C+     0.0178   0.0058

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Justin Crews     --34-   C+   E+   C / B-  B / B+  C-/ D+  A-  D+  C-  E   B-  B   D   B+  D      0.0148   0.0087
**  Jeramy Newton    --34-   C    C    C / D   C-/ A-    /     C   D+  D   E+  B-  B-  E   D   D+     0.0082   0.0198
**  Anton Vogel      --34-   B+   E+   C / D   C / C-  C-/ C   B   E   C   D-  E+  D   A   D   E+     0.0009  -0.0070
**  Ronald Granville --34-   D+   B-   C / D   B / B-  C / C-  B+  D+  D-  C   D   D   F   C+  C+     0.0138   0.0079
**  Kristian Wolff   --34-   C+   C-   D / B-  D+/ B-  D / D   C   E-  D   C-  C   E+  E   E   D     -0.0100   0.0075
**  Michael Rivera   --34-   E    B-   B-/ C+  B+/ C   C-/ A-  C+  E-  D+  C   D   B-  E   C+  D      0.0016   0.0177
**  Griffin Patterson--34-   C    E+   C+/ C-  B+/ C   D-/ C   C+  E-  D-  E   C-  C+  D   D-  E     -0.0083   0.0190
**  Aaron Sinville   --34-   B+   E    D / C-  D-/ C-  B / B-  B+  D-  E+  E   D-  B-  D   C-  E      0.0026   0.0083
**  Chrishan Werner  --34-   C    E+   D+/ D+  C+/ B-  B / C-  B-  C   C+  C+  D   D-  D   C+  E+    -0.0087   0.0232
**  Quentin Quarles  --34-   B    D    E+/ B+  D+/ B-  E / D   C+  E-  D   E+  B   B-  D   D-  D      0.0128   0.0032
**  Tory White       --34-   C    D    C-/ D-  E+/ C   D+/ D+  C-  E+  B   E+  D   E+  D   E-  E      0.0009   0.0113
**  Darcel Chadwick  --34-   D+   D-   B-/ B-  C / C   C-/ C   B+  E-  D   C-  C   C+  D   C+  E+    -0.0067  -0.0011
**  Brandon Daniels  --34-   C    D+   E+/ B   E+/ B+  B / D+  C   E+  D-  C+  D-  D-  F   D+  D      0.0161   0.0070
**  Brian Dixon      --34-   D+   E-   C+/ B-  B+/ B-  C-/ B-  A-  C-  D-  C   D   D   A   B+  E     -0.0037   0.0100
**  Zbigniew Maczuili--34-   B+   E+   C-/ C   B-/ D+  C-/ B-  A-  C-  D-  E+  D-  D   B   C+  D      0.0095   0.0104
**  Keith Johnson    --34-   E+   D    B-/ C+  B+/ B   B / B-  D   D+  B   C+  D   D-  D   B-  E+     0.0224   0.0104
**  Greg Wilkins     --34-   C-   B    B-/ B+  B+/ B-  C / C   C-  F   C   C-  B-  C-  F   C+  B-     0.0092   0.0139

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Michael Keith    ---4-   C+   E-   B-/ B-  C-/ B+  C / C+  B-  E   C+  E   C-  C-  D   B-  E      0.0221   0.0317
**  Eddie Young      ---4-   B    C-   C / D   C / B   C / D+  B+  E   C   C   B-  E+  E   C-  C-    -0.0067  -0.0100
**  Mark Copeland    ---4-   D+   D-   D-/ D+  C / B-  C-/ D+  A-  E-  C+  D+  C-  C-  B   C-  E+     0.0049   0.0117
**  Jonathan Gostin  ---4-   C    D+   B-/ B-  C-/ C   D-/ D   C+  C   B   D+  D+  C   A   B-  C-     0.0069   0.0032
**  Aaron Stewart    ---4-   B-   C-   C+/ D   C+/ D-  C / D-  B   C-  A-  D   B-  D   E   C+  C-     0.0099   0.0126
**  Mike Delk        ---4-   E-   B-   D+/ B   E+/ C   D+/ D-  C+  C   A-  C   D   C   E   B-  D     -0.0007  -0.0019
**  Mitch Webb       ---4-   B    E-   B-/ D   D+/ B   D / D+  A-  C-  C-  E+  B-  B   D   C+  E-     0.0056   0.0130
**  David Lindquist  ---4-   B    B-   D-/ C-  E+/ C+    /     D+  E+  C-  C   C+  B+  B   E   C-     0.0062   0.0113
**  Reggie Dickenman ---4-   C    D-   D-/ B   C / D   C / D+  B-  E-  A-  D+  B-  D+  D   C   D-     0.0145   0.0015
**  Joe Brown        ---4-   D+   C+   C+/ C   B / D+  C-/ D+  A-  D+  D   E   B-  E+  D   C+  C     -0.0021   0.0087
**  Jim Gallagher    ---4-   C    B    C-/ C   D+/ D   C+/ A   D+  C   C+  D-  C   C   F   C-  C+     0.0125   0.0224
**  Christian Bierman---4-   B    C-   C+/ D-  B / E+  D+/ C-  D+  E-  C-  E   B   C   D   F   E      0.0195   0.0275
**  James Hawkins    ---4-   C-   E    D / C   C-/ B   C / D+  B-  E-  B-  D+  B   D-  A   C-  E-     0.0029   0.0049
**  Marcus Kelly     ---4-   C    E+   D / A-  C+/ D-  B / C-  B   D-  B   D   D+  C-  B   B-  D      0.0032   0.0207
**  Victor Hobbs     ---4-   C    B    D-/ C+  D / D   C+/ C-  C+  E   D   E+  C-  B-  E   D   C     -0.0050   0.0092
**  Reggie Heskett   ---4-   D    C+   D / C   C / C-  B-/ D+  A   C   C+  E+  B-  C-  D   B   C+     0.0161   0.0220
**  Kenny Michell    ---4-   D-   C+   C+/ B-  D+/ C-  D-/ C   B   D-  C   C-  B-  B   D   B-  D+    -0.0037   0.0036
**  Jon Martin       ---4-   B    E+   D-/ A-  C / C   C-/ C-  B+  D+  B+  E-  C-  C-  A   B-  D      0.0138   0.0185
**  David Crider     ---4-   D+   C+   C-/ D+  C / D+  B / B-  A-  C   D   E+  C   D-  A   C+  C-     0.0022   0.0028
**  Mstislav Benda   ---4-   C+   E-   B-/ C-  B / C   D / D   A-  D+  B   C-  B-  C+  D   B   E+     0.0138  -0.0040
**  John Bohm        ---4-   C    D-   D / D   D / C-  E+/ D   B   D-  D+  E   D-  D+  E   D-  E      0.0171  -0.0019
**  Stacey Butler    ---4-   B    C    D / D-  C-/ D-  D-/ C   D+  E-  A-  E+  D+  D   E   F   E+    -0.0040   0.0279
**  Virgil Green     ---4-   A-   E+   C+/ C   C+/ D   D-/ C   A-  E+  C-  C-  E+  D+  E   B-  D     -0.0034   0.0198
**  Byron Frederick  ---4-   B-   D+   C+/ B+  B+/ D   C / C-  B+  E   C+  C+  E+  C   D   B   C      0.0142   0.0143
**  Vincent Johnson  ---4-   C    C-   C / C-  C-/ B+  C-/ B-  B   E+  B-  E   E+  B-  F   C   D+     0.0112   0.0198
**  Tyrone Wilson    ---4-   C    C    D / B-  C / C-  C-/ B-  D+  E-  B   E   E+  B   F   E+  D      0.0066   0.0271
**  Casey Calvert    ---4-   A-   E+   D+/ D+  C-/ D-  C-/ B-  C+  C   A-  C-  B   E+  D   C-  D-     0.0118   0.0262
**  Reggie Prince    ---4-   C+   B    D / D   C+/ C   C-/ B-  A-  C+  B+  C   D-  B+  F   B-  B      0.0138   0.0062
**  Greedy Bowie     ---4-   C    C+   D / D   C / B-  C-/ B-  B-  E+  C-  D-  D   D-  F   D   D+    -0.0054  -0.0100
**  Ian Johnson      ---4-   B+   E-   D-/ D-  C / B   C+/ C   C+  C-  D+  D+  D+  B-  B   D+  E-    -0.0027   0.0032
**  Marco McDonald   ---4-   C    D+   C / B+  B-/ B   C+/ C   C-  D   C   E   D+  C   D   C+  D+     0.0013   0.0130
**  Charles Burgess  ---4-   C+   E+   C-/ B-  B-/ D-  A / A-  B-  D+  C   E+  E+  B   C   C+  D      0.0228   0.0036
**  Vytas Grigalyte  ---4-   C+   C+   C-/ C+  C-/ D+  B / B-  B-  C-  D   D   D-  B+  F   C+  C+     0.0218   0.0062
**  Kyle Givens      ---4-   C-   E+   C / C+  B / B   B+/ C-  A   E-  C-  D   D-  D+  D   C+  E+     0.0152  -0.0062
**  Nate Duplessis   ---4-   B    D+   C / C   D-/ D-  B / A-  A-  E-  D   C-  C   D-  E   C-  D+     0.0145   0.0045
**  Reinhold Freytag ---4-   C+   B    D-/ C-  C / D-  A-/ A   C+  C-  A-  E   C-  E   F   D   C+     0.0145   0.0104
**  Rashon Freeman   ---4-   C    E-   C / B-  C / D+  A-/ D   C-  D   C+  D-  D   D+  A   C-  E-     0.0161   0.0075
**  Shannon Huld     ---4-   A-   C-   C / B+  B / C+  C+/ C-  A   E-  B-  C   D   E+  B   B+  C+    -0.0054   0.0007
**  Chris Dement     ---4-   A-   E-   C / B-  D+/ B   E / C-  B   E-  C   E   B-  D-  D   C-  E-     0.0059   0.0237

CL  NAME              POS    H    S     FG      FT      3P     R   P   B   S   F   V   A   O   T     INT/HAR   OFF AB
**  Alan Wortman     ----5   C    B-   E+/ D+  C-/ C   C-/ D+  B   D+  A+  E   E+  D   F   C+  C+     0.0109   0.0134
**  Jason Fife       ----5   B-   C+   D-/ B-  D+/ D-    /     A-  C   A   C-  D-  C-  E   B   B-     0.0009  -0.0053
**  Kevin Wardle     ----5   A-   C    D+/ D-  D+/ B-  D-/ D   C-  C   B   E   C+  C+  E   E+  D+     0.0019   0.0194
**  Michael Woni     ----5   C-   B-   D / D-  C-/ C   D-/ D   B   C   B-  E   C   B+  E   C   C+    -0.0060   0.0036
**  Dave Charles     ----5   B+   C+   D / B   C+/ D+  D-/ B+  C+  E-  D+  D+  C-  D-  F   D+  C-     0.0188   0.0075
**  Dominick Wilson  ----5   B-   C-   C / D   B / C-  D-/ C   A   D   A+  E+  D+  C-  C   B-  C+     0.0066   0.0198
**  Robinson Meekins ----5   C+   D+   D+/ D-  C+/ D   D-/ C   B-  E+  B   C+  D+  D   D   D   D      0.0115   0.0100
**  George Burditt   ----5   C    B    C / B+  B / B-  E+/ A   C+  E-  A+  E+  E+  B+  F   B-  B-    -0.0011   0.0113
**  Jamaal King      ----5   C    E    D-/ B   C-/ B   C-/ C-  A-  E   B-  E+  B   B   C   C+  E+    -0.0077   0.0032
**  Zdenek Hruby     ----5   B-   C    D+/ C-  C+/ D   D / D   D+  C-  A-  E   D   B-  E   D+  C-    -0.0014   0.0220
**  Cameron Myers    ----5   C    D    D+/ B   D / C   D-/ C   B+  D   B   E-  E+  D+  E   B-  D+     0.0161  -0.0100
**  Brandon Brookhart----5   C    B-   D+/ D-  B-/ D-  E / B   C+  C   A   D   D   B+  F   C   C+    -0.0064   0.0036
**  Ken Seals        ----5   C    D-   B-/ D-  B+/ D+  E / D   A-  C   B-  D   D+  C+  E   C+  D     -0.0047   0.0028
**  Kevin Richardson ----5   C    D    C+/ B-  B+/ C-  C-/ B-  B   E-  C+  D-  B   B+  D   C+  D+     0.0013   0.0122
**  Joe Graham       ----5   A-   D-   C / D   B / D+  A-/ A   B+  F   C+  C   C   C   E   D+  D-    -0.0047   0.0313
**  Wes Bailey       ----5   A-   E+   C / C+  B+/ C-  C+/ C-  B   C   B-  E-  D   E+  A   B-  D      0.0069   0.0313

September 22, 2006

Recent reports out of Portland have revealed that former Oregon forward Scott Nicholson scalped tickets to last years finals for personal profit. Strictly prohibited by league rules, the option to null and void Nicholson's contract has been followed through by Oregon Bear management. Scott will enter the offseason without a contract, and a
dark spot on his resume.